Soil Testing

The Soilinspector carries out soil testing to report on the following parameters:
  1. Soil Ph
  2. Soil EC
  3. Water content %
  4. Sand content %
  5. Silt content %
  6. clay content. %
The above parramets are tested because if you soil PH is incorrect nutrition problems will ocur because the complete nutrient uptake will not be complete, meaning there are deficiencies in you crop.
Soil EC is tested to see how much nutrient is available at that time to your crop.
% water is calculated to see the available moisture to your crop.
% sand , silt , clay is checked as this efects the time soil will hold moisture, and the time the EC will be present.
All samples are standardized before testing, results are given as follows:
  1. Fertilizer in grams per Sq meter
  2. Lime in grams per Sq meter if required
  3. Soil Texture, as per texture triangle
  4. information may be given to change you texture (soil)
Soil tests cost $30 each or 4 tests for $100
email me for quotes on larger test amounts for a price.